Vancouver hair guru launches extensions line

Vancouver hair guru launches extensions line

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Veronica Gomes inspired by sister’s hair loss to create new product, Aleesha Harris writes.

You know all those #hairinspo photos that seem to pop up on fashion and beauty feeds these days? Well, often they feature hair extensions. (Yes, it’s true.) The faux locks, which can be crafted from synthetic or human hair, can hide a multitude of hair sins — from a bad cut to balding
areas because of post-pregnancy hair loss, cancer treatment and more. But they can also be worn just for fun to add length, colour and bulk.

Vancouver-based hair guru Veronica Gomes is getting into the extension game with a new collection of luscious locks. In advance of the launch, Gomes chatted with Postmedia News about hair extensions, going glam and the difference between real and fake strands.

Q You’ve recently launched, your own collection of hair, extensions. What made this the, right time to do that?,
A In 2007 my sister Maria, who is, also my business partner, started, to lose her hair after she gave birth, to her daughter due to changing, hormones post-pregnancy., Shortly after this, I decided to, educate myself on hair extensions, to find the best solution for my, sister’s hair loss. That was what, really sparked my passion to help, women feel their best. I have been, working with different brands, of extensions for years now, and, through research and experience,, I found that I had enough resources, to create my own.,

Q What types of extensions do, you sell?
A Our extensions are made from, 100 per cent Remy Virgin Human, Hair, which is ethically sourced,, authentic virgin human hair from, India and China, available in a, variety of clip-ins, tape-ins, nano, links and weft hair (weaves).

Q What are the benefits to using, 100 per cent human hair rather, than synthetic?
A There are huge benefits in, using real human hair when it, comes to hair extensions and, wigs. First, the overall look and, movement of real human hair is, more natural, plus the feel and, texture is smoother and softer., Although real human hair tends, to be pricier, it ends up being, more durable and lasts longer., Unlike synthetic hair, you can, always use hot tools and styling, products on them.

Q Any tips to care for your, extensions in order to prolong, their life?
A Followup appointments every, four to eight weeks is a must to, ensure they are in tip-top shape., When styling, you don’t want to, get too close to the roots of the, hair when you are using hot tools, or brushes and you also want to, ensure that your hot tools are on, a low heat setting.

Q And tips for cleaning?
A Using sulphate-free shampoo, and conditioner will help keep, them looking shiny and new for, longer. Lastly, making sure the, extensions are tangle free with, frequent brushing, and the use of, loose ponytails or braids at night, before going to bed help maintain, their lifespan.

Q What is the price point, of your extensions?
A Our extensions are competitively, priced, starting at $200.

Q Where can shoppers check, them out?
A They are available to purchase, online at and, in the salon located in Vancouver, at 1510 West 14th Ave.

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